Tolling Systems

Today’s tolling solutions can do much more than just help refinance expensive infrastructure – they can be an instrument to reliably steer traffic into less congested channels; they can return chronically congested areas to mobility; and they can provide interesting value-added services for operators and commercial transport. The foundation is electronically-based solutions with innovative system technology, such as those offered by Siemens.


Proven Siemens processes ensure the quality and consis-tency of our solutions, from planning to setup to operation. Our processes and the modular structure of our tolling systems ensure that we can fulfill specific customer requirements.


Siemens has developed high-performance platforms for toll collection, and offers products for use in the most diverse tolling situations and markets. Our product portfolio includes everything from individual components like on-board units to comprehensive solutions for country-wide tolling applications.


As a provider of electronic tolling solutions, our core competence is not only the provision of individual software, hardware, and infrastructure components, but also includes the delivery of total solutions for electronic tolling.