Conversores de Média Tensão


No SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY GH180, há uma série de células de baixa tensão conectadas em série para formar a tensão de saída em média tensão. Com esta topologia, o inversor de frequência pode ser dimensionado com precisão para uma ampla gama de potências e tensões de saída.


The LCI-converter (load commutated inverter), SINAMICS GL150, is designed for single-motor applications with variable and constant torque characteristics in power ratings up to 85 MW (Higher ratings on request). Available in air- and water-cooled designs and capable of 2Q or 4Q operation. Commonly used for variable-speed operation as well as for start-up operation of large synchronous motors and generators and with speeds ranging up to approx. 7000 rpm.


SINAMICS GM150 is a universal and simple drive converter for single-motor applications with variable and constant torque characteristics in a compact and efficient design, but without regenerative feedback. The SINAMICS GM150 (IGBT / IGCT) variable speed drive offers simplicity due to the use of standardized engineering tools like SIZER WEB ENGINEERING for system integration and STARTER for fast and user-friendly commissioning. SINAMICS GM150 distinguishes itself as competitive, rugged and service friendly.


SINAMICS SL150 cycloconverters with thyristor stacks are the optimum choice when it comes to continuously controlling the speed of high-rating induction and synchronous motors with a high torque and low stator frequencies. They are implemented as three-phase thyristor bridges in a 6 or 12-pulse connection. Ideally suited for powering mine winders, conveyors, grinding mills and excavators due to is rugged design.


SINAMICS SM120 CM medium voltage drives are designed for applications with special or complex requirements. All of the harmonized modules and functions in a SINAMICS SM120 CM allow for the realization of numerous product specific solutions tailored to your applications needs. All of our line modules (DC Bus, M2C, and DFE) and our motor side modules (3L NPC and M2C) have been selected due to the proven advantages found in our current portfolio.


After decades with our SIMOVERT ML & SIMOVERT ML2 converters, transrapid line feeder systems and traction power supply links it has all culminated into the SINAMICS SM150. The SINAMICS SM150 is a high-end drive converter for low and high speed applications with single or multimotor system configurations that might require high dynamic performance and regenerative capabilities. Available in drive configurations featuring either IGBT and IGCT technology for a wider power range of medium voltage applications.